MT4 EA Buy Euro Expert Adviser Opened a Trade after Trump's Tariff Reaffirmation and Cohn's Resignation

The euro is in a range-bound trading between 1.2388 and 1.2422 after breaking above 1.2364.


The U.S. dollar is suffering from Trump's doubling down on tariffs, the resignation of Gary Cohn and a potential retaliation from the EU amid the tariffs.

The EUR/USD reversed its course after it touched 1.2268 on Monday.  It broke above 1.2364 after Trump reaffirmed the tariffs on steel and aluminum, followed by Gary Cohn's resignation.

The U.S. dollar weakness started last Thursday after the U.S. President announced the tariffs on steel and aluminum.  Ironically, the U.S. stock market has enjoyed a very good upward move for days.

There has been 1 trade opened from my MT4 EA since the last update.  It is still open.

The strategy can be found here.

The previous week's result can be found here.

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